Our mission is to lead middle and high school students in our community into a relationship with Jesus Christ. As students grow in faith, we want to challenge them to boldly step into the plan and purpose God has for their lives. We believe students have the power to impact the world for the name and fame of Jesus, and it’s our privilege as a church to lead and guide them as they do. As we see God change the lives of our students, our prayer is that He’ll use our students to change the lives in our community.

The goal of our student ministry is to:
* Reach students with the message and salvation of Christ.
* Equip students with the knowledge of Scripture and how Christ is at work in their own lives.
* Send student out to serve as the hands and feet of Christ in their schools and share the message of His love with their peers.
Student ministry is available to both middle and high school students. We welcome any rising 7th-12th graders to join us every week!
During the COVID-19 Pandemic we are gathering for Sunday morning worship only.

Bible Studies for Life: Students

Spring 2021

This spring, in Faith Foundations, students will examine essential truths that are foundational to who we are as followers of Christ. In How to Share Christ, students will see that God has called all Christians to share our faith. This is the means He uses to save the lost, and it is essential to our purpose as His people. Families can share these Bible stories and activities with their students each week. Read the weekly discipleship guide provided, watch the pre-recorded lesson with Ms. Erin below, and use the daily devotions to help you in teaching Bible Truths at home.
Contact the Student Ministry for more information or with questions at bbolton@cablelynx.com