Sermon Series: The Gospel of Mark

Embark on a transformative journey through the Gospel of Mark. This series delves into the earliest account of Jesus’ life, teachings, and miracles, offering a unique perspective that is both raw and compelling. Each week, Pastor Dalton will explore the themes of discipleship, the nature of Christ, and the challenges of faith that Mark presents.
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The Lord of the Sabbath

July 21, 2024

He Came to Call Sinners

July 14, 2024

The Greater Miracle

July 7, 2024

The Compassion of Christ

June 23, 2024
As Jesus continued to travel throughout Galilee, his teaching ministry was his main priority. However, this sermon explores his healing ministry, which validated the message he proclaimed while also demonstrating his compassion, both on the multitudes and on individuals, including a desperate man with leprosy.

The Gospel Comes to Galilee

June 16, 2024
This sermon highlights the earliest days of Jesus’s ministry. As he begins his ministry in the region of Galilee, we see his authority on display as he teaches and preaches the gospel, as he chooses and calls disciples, and as he casts an unclean spirit out of a demon-possessed man.

(Sermon Only)

The Beginning of the Gospel, Part 2

June 9, 2024
This sermon examines the second and third events that began the ministry of Jesus – his baptism and his temptation in the wilderness. These give us a clear picture of Jesus as the sinless Son of God, anointed by the Holy Spirit and approved by the Father. This is who we should believe in and worship.

The Beginning of the Gospel

May 19, 2024
As we begin a series of sermons through the Gospel of Mark, we see that there were three major events that initiated the ministry of Jesus – John the Baptist’s ministry, Jesus’s baptism, and Jesus’s temptation in the wilderness. This sermon focuses on the first of these three events, as we see how John the Baptist’s method and message prepared the people for the coming of the One worthier than John- Jesus Christ, the Son of God.