Festival of Christmas Carols and Nativities Celebrates the Birth of Jesus Christ

On Sunday, December 17, 2023, the First Baptist Church of Pine Bluff hosted a Festival of Christmas Carols and Nativities, a special event to prepare for Christmas with music, fellowship, and dessert.
The festival featured a Christmas carol sing, led by music minister, Dr. Bryan Bolton and Instrumentalists, who prepared a selection of carols and Christmas songs for those in attendance to sing. Narration about the authors, historical significance, and their message was given before each carol was presented.
The festival also showcased a collection of Nativities, displayed in the fellowship hall, that were shared by the church members. The Nativities represented different cultures, styles, and materials, and celebrated the diversity and unity of the Christian faith. The church members were invited to bring their own Nativities and set them up before the event.
The event included delicious homemade desserts, served around decorated tables, and a time of fellowship and sharing.
For a first-year event, Bolton said he was very pleased with the turnout. The church looks to make plans on the event continuing in future years and hopes participation will increase.