According to research by Sticky Faith, 40-50% of young people from good youth groups and families are drifting from God and the church after high school.


Research also shows that those young people who stay the course and flourish in the faith have multiple adult believers who are intentionally investing in their lives.

We want to impact the spiritual growth of our students through the Pray For Me Campaign and invite you to join us in linking the generations of our church together through prayer. We need 15-20 Adult Prayer Champions to commit to praying for our students this school year.


What is it? The Pray For Me Campaign is rooted in the truths that God uses his Word, his people, and prayer to change the world. This ministry creates a vast web of intergenerational relationships and equips adult believers to pass on a sustainable faith to the next generation.


How it works? A Prayer Champion for every young person in our church! The Pray For Me Campaign connects multiple generations within our church by having Adult Prayer Champions commit to praying for one student or family with small children in our church. 


A Prayer Champion is someone who boldly goes to the frontlines in the battle for young people’s faith.

Each Prayer Champion will be given a name, specific prayer requests, and a Prayer Guide—to use daily and pray through seven biblical essentials of growth for their young person: Favor, Wisdom, Love, Faith, Purity, Speech, and Conduct. These are character traits based on Luke 2:52 and 1 Tim 4:12.


Will you join us?

  1. Do you have a Student (grade 7 through college) you would like to add to the list to be assigned their own Prayer Champion(s)?
  2. Do you have young children (grade 6 and under) that you would like to add to the list to be assigned a family Prayer Champion(s)?
  3. Do you want to become a Prayer Champion?


If any of these 3 things describe you, or you would like to find out more information, please respond by August 29, 2021.


Our hope is that this campaign would have a mutual impact of enriching your spiritual life as you minister to these young people. Thank you again for your continued support and service to our church family!
We will launch the Pray For Me Campaign in September!

Intergenerational relationships are God’s design for passing on the faith. Sign up today!!

Click on Icon Below to Register as a Prayer Champion or as a Student.