Nursery Sunday School Schedule.

Please read through the schedule and find your volunteer time or times. You will receive a reminder card in the mail the week before your volunteer time.
In the event that you cannot serve on a date you are scheduled, please contact those serving the week immediately prior or following the date in question. Once you have arranged to swap with someone else on the list, please contact Bro. Bryan by phone or email for notice of the change. For liability reasons, we cannot be short staffed!
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March 3:

Babies: Anna Redman, Susan Norton


March 10:

Babies: Ginny Clement, Candy Weaver


March 17:

Babies: Pat Bethea, Beth Harris


March 24 (Palm Sunday):

Babies: Kandy Moore, Renee White


March 31 (Easter Sunday):

Babies: Pam Fowler


Thank you for serving!